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             What am I doing to get the screenplay noticed?

I am continually sending the logline to movie producers and agents. They have to work their way through hundreds of scripts and loglines each day and in such circumstances it is very hard to get noticed. On a few occasions they requested my script, which is a possitive. But eventually I received a short rejection without references to the contents of the story. That left me with the impression that, in the end, they had not really found the time to read it. It’s a tough struggle, but I will keep on trying.

Meanwhile, I have also entered contests and will continue to do so. However, there are many good writers out there and competition is fierce. In the Scriptapalooza contest alone, 3415 scripts were entered! To make things harder, I also sense that right now there is a lot of interest in fantasy-themed scripts, which mine is not. 

Many aspects are combined in order to determine whether a screenplay, good or bad, eventually makes it to the screen. A writer should never give up, but he also needs a little luck sometimes. Maybe this website can help with the luck-part.

Why am I not writing in Dutch in order to try my luck closer to home, you might wonder? Well, I am also doing that. But as a writer I have many stories in the back of my mind and this one seemed interesting enough to invest my time into. It felt only logical to set this piece in the United States and in turn write it in English.
Even though our cultures are different there are also many similarities between The Netherlands and the States. And just like most people, I have grown up with American Cinema. It feels natural to write for that. To guarantee that the text has been properly edited, it was double-checked by the American artist, and native English speaker, Zara Marea Gonzales.

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What's the strategy?


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written by J.W. de Vries