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             Genre: thriller

Matthew Wilson is the head of a company that develops child-monitoring technologies. In secret he has developped a new service that is guaranteed to root-out kidnapping forever. A small gps-chip is placed inside a child so the parents can always spot its exact location. If a kidnapping should occur, a special trained force is send in immediately to retrieve the child. Matthew knows all about the horrors of kidnapping, because 35 years ago his own sister was also kidnapped, a story that is told in flashbacks.
As he expected, the new technology becomes subject of nationwide discussion, immediately after the first press announcement. People accuse him of opening the doors to a Big Brother society, but meanwhile the orders come pouring in from all over the country.
As Matthew joins the public discussion on TV, he also starts getting death threats. As the threats get more and more aggressive, he is also discovering aspects of the technology that he had not foreseen.
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written by J.W. de Vries

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